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Model Candids

Your LiveJournal Source For Model Candids

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Welcome to modelcandids, a community dedicated to Model Candids.

- In order to comment and post you have to be a member, so please join.

-Please don't be afraid to post your own entries; it gets tiresome when only the mods are posting.

- Post any candids, personal candids or appearance candids. DO NOT POST MODEL MYSPACES. If you happen to stumble across it and feel like posting the pictures, that's perfectly fine, but do not give out the url.
Please title your entries! For example, if you are posting Gisele at a VS Event, use the subject to state that.
Please include the model's name in the title, and then event and date if possible.

- Please make your teaser smaller than 300x300, and a livejournal cut is required. See the code below if you're not sure how to do it.

- If pictures under the cut are large, please post them as thumbnails instead.

- No text outside of the cut!

- If other members post pictures in comments, please try to edit your post with them!

- We prefer pictures without watermarks, but if the pictures are magnificent, watermarks are fine.

- Make your post using this form:

- No promotion (this includes links to icon entries); if you post icons please post them here.
If you want to link icons to an outside journal or community please post them at shamelessiconin.

- Please don't hotlink from other websites, it is rude and it costs money.
Upload your images to your server (suggestions: imageshack.us, freeimagehosting.net, photoucket.com, etc).

- Do NOT make ridiculous comments such as, "Eww I hate her." It's completely uncalled for. If you've got something bad to say, say it eloquently, and have a way to back it up.

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